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Questions about products

Currently, Tpresso products are available for sale via our online shop.

A Tpresso starter kit consists of a Tpresso tea machine and a selection of 16 Tpresso tea capsules.

Tpresso offers a classical assortment of premium green and black teas, oolong and herbal teas. At the moment, the assortment concists of 20 different teas. In the tea section of our website you can explore our complete assortment in detail.

Teas require a certain water temperature for an optimal result. Green teas typically need a lower temperature than black teas. The Tpresso tea machine is a high tech product which selects the customized brewing program according to the 4 tea types at the touch of a button.

The operation of the Tpresso tea machine is very intuitive. The colour of the button corresponds with the colour of the capsule lids. For instance, for black teas please press the grey button, for green teas there is the green button, for all oolong teas please use the red button and herbal teas are beeing brewed perfectly when pressing the yellow button.

The brewing time of less than a minute is being achieved by the patented Tpresso technology. The Tpresso breaking procedure extracts the full taste, the flavour and the ethereal oils from the precious tea leafs, without harming them. This broken tea is preserved in airtight capsules. Inside the Tpresso tea capsule machine, hot steam is being infused into the capsule and “awakens” the broken tea leafs, allowing the well-tempered water flowing through the capsule to absorb the full taste and flavour of the tea. This is how you obtain a tea quality which is on a par with a traditional tea ceremony, in about 50 seconds.

The responsibility for the foam formation on the tea lies in the special Tpresso procedure, in which water is being blended with the natural tea oils, extracted through the Tpresso breaking procedure, under high pressure (so called dispersion). A “crema” originates, a quality characteristic, as known and cherished in the coffee segment.

After purchasing a Tpresso tea machine, there is a 1 year guarantee period.

Your Tpresso tea machine is made of premium polished stainless steel. To clean the surface from finger prints please use the enclosed microfibre cloth. Please do not use strong detergents as these can damage the machine. We recommend cleaning the drip tray and the capsule holder in the dishwasher.

By descaling the tea machine regularly, you can ensure a constant quality of tea taste and a long lifetime of the machine. You can buy a decalcifier for tea and coffee machines in a drug store. Instruction for the descaling process are outlined in the instruction manual.

Tpresso has developed a crystalware pot and cups that are well-matched to the Tpresso tea machine and the teas. For a perfect Tpresso tea ceremony, the tea is collected in the pot immediately after being dispensed by the tea machine. Thereby, colour and aroma are brought off in the best possible way. By decanting the tea into the cups, it is being served at the ideal drinking temperature and can be consumed immediately.

Yes, the cleaning of the glass accessories in the dishwasher is even recommended.

The pictograms symbolise the effects of the teas on your body and soul. For instance, our teas can be refreshing, relaxing, regaling or simply soothing. For each form on the day, you can choose the ideal Tpresso tea.

Indeed! Tpresso teas are pure and precious natural products. We only use natural and genuine premium quality teas. We completely forego the addition of chemical additives or artificial flavouring. This is why you can enjoy a unique tea experience.

Environment protection and sustainable consumption are serious Tpresso concerns. Therefore, our capsules are produced of aroma-proof polypropylene, which can be disposed in the household waste without separation.

Each package contains 10 tea capsules. Single capsules can not be purchased.

We guarantee a minimum shelf life of 12 months as from production date. The minimum durability date is printed on the packaging.

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