Tpresso combines a thousand-year-old tea tradition with high tech and convenience. The Tpresso tea machine is designed to provide you with the enjoyment of a perfect cup of Tpresso tea, any time, anywhere. Make tea fully automatically – at the touch of a button.

Each tea variety needs special attention to enable it to unfold its full aroma, with particular requirements for water temperature, quantity and pressure in its preparation. A patented Tpresso procedure moistens the pure high quality tea in the capsule before brewing, thereby ensuring the incomparable Tpresso taste. The infusion of steam makes the tea’s volume expand and allows every type of tea develop its own individual flavour profile to perfections thanks to the use of water that brews it at precisely the perfect temperature. The tea machine, which is engineered to meet the most exacting Swiss quality standards, chooses the optimum programme for each type of tea, so that the temperature of the water, its brewing speed and the water pressure are in synch with the needs of the tea. As a result, every cup of Tpresso tea, will be uniquely perfect for your enjoyment every single time.