Tpresso VALUES


Centuries old tea bushes, lovingly tended, each vintage harvested by hand – like fine wine – cold broken in compliance with the patented Tpresso process and packaged into our Tpresso capsules without artificial additives and without loss of flavour. Brewed conveniently at the touch of a button.

PURITY – Tea is our passion. We are firm believers in using only pure, natural products. This is why we use 100% natural teas exclusively and never add any artificial aromas or flavouring agents. Thanks to the excellent taste and health benefits, you will enjoy teas that will bring you unrivalled moments of delight.

PREMIUM – Tpresso is a premium brand synonymous with distinction and luxury. The tea machine, which is manufacturered in compliance with strict Swiss quality standards, selects the optimum brewing program for every type of tea so that the tea is brewed at the ideal temperature, brewing speed and perfect water pressure, making every cup a truly unique delight to enjoy.

CONVENIENCE – Tpresso is a name that stands for uncompromising convenience, supreme quality brewed tea combined with the most convenient way to make it – any time, anywhere, capsule by capsule – simply at the touch of a button.

EXPERIENCE – Experience Tpresso teas with all of your senses – the intoxicating fragrance, the premium tastes, the pure colours. As tea enthusiasts we are absolutely committed to giving you a perfect Tpresso experience. Enjoy your personal Tpresso moment and make it part of your peaceful urban lifestyle.

A COSMOPOLITAN APPROACH – Tea is one of the few products that has a truly global appeal and is always “politically correct”. Tpresso builds bridges between different people, cultures, beliefs and religions. An excellent cup of tea, backed by a tea culture built up over thousands of years, creates a sense of understanding between people.