About Us


Tpresso ® was founded after many years of research by the inventor of Nespresso ® ³ and pioneer of capsule systems and is based on a love story – the love of tea culture.

The founder had a great idea: to prepare pure tea quickly and easily so that it fits perfectly into our modern lives. He invented Tpresso ®, a patented process for extracting subtle, volatile aromas from high-quality teas, in which all aromas and flavors are preserved 100% until the moment of consumption.


Centuries-old tea plants, lovingly cared for by hand and harvested according to the vintage – like good wine – are cold-crushed using a patented Tpresso® process and filled into our Tpresso® capsules without any loss of aroma or artificial additives. This preserves the real taste and you can enjoy a high-quality natural product – simply at the touch of a button.

PURITY – Tea is our passion, we believe in pure natural products. That is why we only use natural teas without the addition of artificial aromas or flavorings. The excellent taste and the positive health aspects enable tea enjoyment that is second to none.

PREMIUM – Tpresso® is a premium brand that stands for distinguished luxury. The tea machine, which is manufactured according to Swiss quality standards, selects the optimal program for each type of tea based on individual temperature, flow rate and water pressure, so every tea becomes a unique pleasure.

CONVENIENCE – Tpresso® stands for convenience without compromise, the ultimate tea enjoyment combined with the most convenient method of preparation, anytime and anywhere, capsule by capsule, simply at the touch of a button.

EXPERIENCE – Experience Tpresso® teas with all your senses, the captivating scent, the exquisite taste, the pure color. We are tea enthusiasts, a perfect Tpresso® experience is our commitment. Enjoy your personal Tpresso® moment of calm in your urban lifestyle.

COSMOPOLITANITY – Tea is one of the few global and “politically correct” products. Tpresso® connects different people, cultures, worldviews and religions and creates consensus about an excellent cup of tea and its thousand-year-old tea culture.