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ESPRESSO ORGANIC coffee capsules Tpresso®

ESPRESSO ORGANIC coffee capsules Tpresso®

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Our Tpresso® organic coffee espresso is a sensual seduction for your taste buds and impresses with harmonious coffee and chocolate notes with creamy nuances. What few people know is that espresso contains less caffeine than normal filter coffee. This is thanks to a shorter preparation time. Less acid for coffee lovers with sensitive stomachs is the motto here.

  • Type: Espresso
  • Preparation: Espresso
  • Intensity/roasting level/acidity: 8-6-8
  • Taste: chocolaty, creamy

Preparation: The Tpresso® capsules are suitable for your Nespresso®* ³ , Saeco Area and Smart coffee machine . We have deliberately developed this capsule machine for our industrially compostable** capsules.

Ingredients: 100% roasted and ground coffee (80% Arabica & 20% Robusta)
Please note: Store in a clean, dry place, protected from heat. Packed under protective atmosphere.


Functional Food Grono GmbH

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We do not use aluminum to make our capsules. Instead, we use industrially compostable² materials. Our teas are made from pure tea leaves with no added artificial flavors or ingredients. Our coffees are made from pure roasted beans


    Tpresso® is a brand focused on organic quality with production in Grono/Switzerland.

    An innovative production facility in Switzerland, founded in the canton of Graubünden, with an area of ​​approximately 4200m2.


    The fresh, gentle long-term roasting and special double grinding processes make BARISTA QUALITY in the cup possible.